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ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute International Conference - 5-8 April 2020 - mini-sympossium on MPM

There is increasing interest in the MPM (and its variants, such as GIMP, CPDI1, CPDI2, etc.) as a means of modelling problems in which very large deformations occur, e.g. in the study of landslides. The purpose of this mini-symposium is to provide a forum for presenting advances in the method, e.g. improving the accuracy (including convergence and benchmark problems), dealing with numerical issues, modelling of coupled problems, computational efficiency and applications to real world problems. Abstracts will be accepted until at least the end of November (https://sites.durham.ac.uk/emi2020-ic/abstracts-submission/).

More information: https://sites.durham.ac.uk/emi2020-ic/ms-22-advances-in-material-point-m...

Will Coombs, Durham University
Phil Vardon, TU Delft
Mario Martinelli, Deltares