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Training Course 2018 - Barcelona

Modelling large deformation and soil–water–structure interaction using the material point method

Friday, 8 June 2018
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain

Large deformation and soil–water–structure interaction problems exist in many environmental and civil engineering problems, such as landslides and slope instabilities, installation of piles in saturated soils, settlement due to consolidation processes, fluidisation and sedimentation processes in submerged slopes, internal erosion in dykes, and scouring around offshore structures.

The material point method (MPM) is a numerical approach capable of modelling large deformations and, within the framework of the Anura3D MPM Research Community, it has been further developed to cope with soil–water–structure interaction.

The Anura3D v2017.2 MPM software uses a dynamic explicit MPM formulation. It is capable of simulating 1- and 2-phase materials and free surface water. A fully coupled hydro-mechanical approach is implemented to model the interaction between soil and water phases in saturated porous media. Contact problems can be solved using a contact algorithm. A library of constitutive laws is included as well as an interface for external user defined soil models.

Course participants will gain experience as users of the Anura3D v2017.2 MPM software. During training lectures, the attendees will learn first-hand capabilities of MPM by means of a set of practical exercises that will be undertaken following a tutorial specially designed for the course. The tutorial will include the following exercises:

- Exercise 1: Oedometer problem
- Exercise 2: Column collapse
- Exercise 3: Shallow foundation
- Exercise 4: Excavation

Dr Alexander Rohe (Deltares), Dr Núria Pinyol (UPC)

Registration Fee:
120 €
Includes: coffee breaks, lunch, tutorials and a GiD v14 licence for 1 year.
Note that the fee gives access to all GiD convention courses on 7 and 8 June 2018.
Please register before 13 April 2018.

This course is held in collaboration with the 9th Convention on Advances and Applications of GiD 2018 (Workshop and Courses)

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Alexander Rohe (Deltares)